Skits Lorraine

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"Skits is the other canine member of the Lorraine family. He's a goofy, overgrown puppy, and the adopted younger brother and sidekick of Martha. Eager and active, Skits looks up to Martha and always wants to help her out." -description from PBS website

Gender Male
Family Helen Lorraine (owner)
Martha Lorraine (adopted sister)
Daniel Lorraine (owner's father)
Mariela Lorraine (owner's mother)
Jake Lorraine (owner's brother)

Skits is a main character is the TV show, Martha Speaks.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Skits is very adventurous and goofy. But he is also inpatient, and sometimes gets in trouble for it. He also likes to chew on things and fetch flying objects.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Skits is a large, brown dog. Though he is described as an overgrown puppy, Skits is fully grown, and almost twice as big as Martha.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Skits used to be a stray dog, but then T.D. found him on C.K.'s Farm and he went home in his duffel bag. He wanted to keep him but his dad O.G. was allergic, so he gave him to the Lorraines to cheer Helen up when she was disappointed with her drawing. As a puppy, he had a nasty habit of chewing on all objects. Later, he had specialised on flying objects. When he grew older, Helen fed Skits alphabet soup, but he didn't talk, so they were kind of disappointed. Later, they told Skits that he didn't need to talk.